Voices From Within - Words from Beyond

In these days of stellar exporations, encountering alien lifeforms is the dream of many space-travellers, but Language will always hinder the realization of the full potential of such an event.

Thus, Voices from Within tries to prepare cosmonauts for the experience by focusing on the abandonment of Words in favor of Vibrations, which, being uniquely suited to channel your Emotions, will usher Comprehension into the Mind of your new alien friends.

Current transmission

dead can dance - the host of seraphin

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Peak listeners: 34

Premonitions of future transmissions

1. yat kah - aldyn dashka (the golden cup) (04:06)
2. yungchen lhamo - gi pai pa yul chola (04:08)
3. dj cheb i sabbah - radhe krishna (the sahajiya rasa lila mix) divine pastime (08:25)
4. m.s. subbulakshmi - sriman narayana (04:29)
5. parween sultana - raag amba manohari (14:50)
6. sheila chandra - om namaha shiva (02:45)
7. dj cheb i sabbah - narajanma bandage (06:15)
8. huun - huur-tu - exile`s song (04:02)
9. nusrat fateh ali khan - traditional qawwali in hindi by hazrat amir khusrau in raga khamaj (10:41)
10. parween sultana - `nis din japa karoon tero naam,` tarana (20:35)