Echoes of Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler

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Long ago, when the waters of Mars were still under the ground and above the sky, our ancestors came to this place and called it "Home". And from the high Plains of Tharsis to the Elysium Ocean, from as high as Mount Olympus to as deep as the floor of the Hellas sea, one can still hear the song of our brothers and sisters chanting to us throughout the ages.

This melody is one that is made of hopes... It is sang with the voice of nostalgia, and looks ahead with pride. Listen...

Current transmission

Healer - Speaking With a Deaf Man

Current listeners: 123
Peak listeners: 198

Premonitions of future transmissions

1. Biosphere - Path Leading To The High Grass (03:48)
2. Numina - Searching Above for Reason (01:19)
3. Biosphere - Cloudwalker II (05:22)
4. Between Interval - Aerolith (05:26)
5. Cordell Klie - Untitled (00:30)
6. Global Communication - 12 18 (49:12)
7. Hallucinogen - E-Gem (05:48)
8. Meg Bowles - Organic Lullaby (04:39)
9. Biosphere - Quay (03:06)
10. Carl Weingarten - Silk and Sand (03:47)